Megillah Reading:

7:30pm Saturday Feb. 23rd at the shul, with Young Israel.  Bring 2 boxes of pasta for groggers, and donate to the Food Bank of WNY.

8:15am Sunday Feb. 24th at Young Israel – Shacharit followed by the Megillah

SEUDAH: 4-6pm Sunday Feb. 24th at the Jewish Discovery Center: “Purim Under the Sea” Reservations call: 639-7600


For the poor in Israel:
If you would like to ensure that your tzedakah reaches needy Jews on Purim day (when the mitzvah is in effect), Rabbi Strosberg will pass along your donation to Od Yosef Chai, an organization in Israel that can distribute it after receiving the Rabbi’s call. Contact the Rabbi for more information or to make your donation. 
For the hungry in Buffalo:
Bring 2 pasta boxes to the megillah reading to use as groggers, they will be given to the Food Bank.  Other foods welcome!  There will be boxes in the back of the shul.
For the homebound:
KOT will again be distributing Purim bags at Weinberg Campus.  Contact (marian.arbesman@gmail.comfor info and let her know how many bags you will be bringing Saturday night to the megillah reading